Fortnite season 9: The future comes to Tilted Towers

Fortnite year 9 is here, and it is about the future. Epic released the new season of its battle royale game that was popular with modifications to the subject, new in-game content and other modifications for gamers.

When does season 9 begin?

Fortnite year 9 went live Thursday morning after servers were taken down for upgrades.

According to the trailer, the volcano occasion that occurred on Saturday had a lasting influence on the island. Both ruined regions, Tilted Towers and Retail Row, are now replaced with futuristic versions of those places called Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. The volcano also changed and is now called Pressure Plant.

Season 9 will endure for another 10 weeks, and then Fortnite year 10 will begin on Aug. 1, according to fan site Fortnite Intel.

What’s new?

As prominently displayed in the Fortnite year 9 trailer, there are two new areas Neo Tiled Towers and Mall. Players who know the island like the back of their hands is going to need to spend some time exploring to figuring out the areas to loot and where to ambush others, as both of these spots will be popular in the first days of the new year.

Situated around Neo Tilted Towers, Mega Mall and a huge part of the inner island, these new towers will propel players as soon as they enter the wind flow. Players should use these Slipstreams as both a mode of transport and a means to escape trouble. Air vents were another freedom addition to propel players into the atmosphere and make them resistant to fall damage. Download Fortnite Battle Royale.

Epic added only one weapon at the beginning of year 9: the combat shotgun. The semi automatic weapon takes the place of the pump shotgun, which was taken out of the game known as”vaulted.”

Epic also made adjustments to the Battle Pass for Season 9. As in previous seasons, people who bought the pass for 950 V-Bucks, or just shy of $10, will have 100 levels to work their way through to unlock new emotes, pickaxes and skins like the Sentinel, Rox innovative and for people who make it to tier 100, the Vendetta skin.

Something new for this Fortnite year 9 Fight Pass would be the Fortbytes. These collectible computer chips are hidden throughout the island with a fresh one unlocked every day of the season. Collecting these things will piece together a picture that hints at what is in store for Fortnite year 10.

With these new developments, Epic made various changes to the gameplay and advancement. The business also added new Limited Time Modes such as Trios, where gamers may make three-person squads, the Legendary-focused Solid Gold style and One Shot, which has players with 50 health and may only access sniper weapons, meaning one hit is all it takes to eliminate players.

Fortnite players must expect more information, modes, weapons skins and finally, clues to another season.

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