Apex Legends players want major rework to the in-game store

Players of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall-esque battle royale, are demanding a rework of this in-game shop, as the developers address issues surrounding it.

Apex Legends has obtained community criticism of late, mainly centered around the lack of definitive updates the game has received, particularly when compared to its competitors, like Fortnite Battle Royale, which has a fairly major update once per week.

Now though, they’re also facing calls to rework the in-game shop, especially after problems were addressed by Respawn on May 18.

Apex Legends’ in-game shop offers players weapon skins, animations and charms in return for in-game money, as is quite typical for games today. EA – publishers for Apex Legends – have been criticized for their execution of micro-transactions into their games, like the FIFA series of football games.

But on May 18, Reddit users detected changes to the installation of the shop, with no item priced by legend token.

Since that time, Respawn have responded in a Reddit article , that explains the circumstance. “We have seen some threads asking about what happened in the shop with the elimination of recolors and only wanted to provide some quick circumstance,” it begins. “We had a problem with the shop which meant our second batch of recolors did not get in the construct in time, so we weren’t able to perform another rotation of recolors. Our choices were to simply show some range of skins or to rotate old recolors back in.”

It finishes by saying they don’t need to place colors back into the shop so soon after their initial release, and that this design change is only temporary – changing when they launch the game’s next patch.

Many users have reacted negatively to the article, writing”How about you change the shop completely and create skins and camos a fair price?” , and another asking for a change to have a comprehensive overhaul of the shop itself.

Still, the community seems to be growing in confusion as to Respawn’s approach for the in-game shop for their incredibly popular sport.

Hopefully with Season 2, launching in June, there’ll be more content for gamers to look forward to, either through earned things by playing, and purchasing cosmetics in the store.