Apex Legends bug gives Caustic unlimited Nox Gas Traps

It has been a slow path to recovery for Apex Legends following its meteoric rise upon launch. As fans are eagerly anticipating Season 2 and all of the enriches it will bring, there are some problematic bugs which are still popping up from time to time.

In a Reddit post, consumer’antipostalobsta’ stumbled upon the insect that let them create poisonous chaos, forcing a team to get trapped between a rock and a Nox place.

The clips shows that the Apex player going insane with all the newfound power they had discovered, because they may be seen throwing trap after trap that gradually made the whole scene hazy with a warm green filter.

It looks like the insect opened up a new strategy for antipostalobsta to use, as it seems like they were beginning to construct a wall of Gas Traps to block the route of the incoming squad.

As you can see in the lower left side of this movie, the Tactical Ability icon to your Now Gas Traps appears to reset with each use. Normally Caustic can give out three tanks, but it seems like the match is recognizing that there are two in play, but nevertheless awards an excess trap.

It seems like a few players have cracked the code on how best to replicate the Caustic bug, which might make it much easier for the Respawn Entertainment team to implement a fix for later on.

“Get 3 cubes, throw all of them, Get your ult and 3 more traps,” consumer’khgmutt’ said. “Spam heals (even when you’re not hurt). Spam traps. It will wait following the next snare sets up… Keep spamming.”

The user went on to state that there could only be six”untriggered” traps at one time, but when they bloom the game will allow the player place longer.

This sounds like one of these bugs which Respawn Entertainment will want to fix as soon as possible, seeing how players will easily find ways to misuse the glitch.