Clash Royale upcoming patch includes new Legendary card, gameplay changes

Friday afternoon, Clash Royale players from North America awoke to a new mysterious message in their match customers about a coming card that’s in the works and can be set to be published within another patch.

Keep a look out for more upgrade information being published during the next few weeks.

Obviously, players’ eyebrows were raised as these 3 paragraphs spoke volumes into the future of SuperCell’s cell baby. A brand new Legendary card? A new mechanic which entails an anchor?

Though very little is known so far, that did not block the net from making up theoriesabout what could be coming round the corner in the not too distant future.

Shiver me timbers

Whenever the Ram Rider was introduced to the game Christmas of this past year, she introduced a new”Snare” mechanic that suspended the initial troop it reached set up for a couple seconds. Incredibly powerful in character, it had been nerfed overtime to radically lessen the movement rate of the goal compared to locking them in position entirely.

When the Clash Royale staff is stating this forthcoming Legendary card includes a brand new mechanic like that of Ram Rider’s Snare and entails an anchor, a few thoughts come to mind.

Is it a naval troop that, for the very first time at the match history, could be performed IN the river throughout the center of the map? Can this card tug a troop nearer to them to assault? Does this root itself into the floor with all the backbone, is immobile and possess a long-ranged assault? Just SuperCells knows for certain. However, the chance for funkiness about the battle is there and gamers will find out more in the upcoming weeks.

Hidden behind the gaudy image of a brand new Legendary card coming, the Clash Royale team speaking to”Season 1″ coming in the not too distant future. To get a name that went back in January of 2016, including a season structure three years into it sounds somewhat strange unless they are wanting to present a system very similar to Fortnite’s Fight Pass, that a couple have speculated.

A Clash Royale Battle Pass?

Fortnitealong with a free gamethat lets players every couple of weeks to obtain a Season Pass which hides exclusive rewards, makeup, and accomplishments behind a paywall which may be bought for a little cost. Maybe SuperCell, no stranger to finding creative methods of monetizing their customers, are searching for a means to maintain Clash Royale new for veterans and draw new gamers using a Season attribute.

Back in April of the past year, SuperCell fully revived the game’s development system and assisted outside free-to-play players by creating cards and chests simpler to obtain. If Season 1 is anything like the way other’s game function, for a little cost, Clash Royale gamers will shortly have the ability to level up their cards quicker than ever while getting more things to do in-game.