Clash Royale’s next update will bring a new legendary card, arena, and possibly a season pass

Following the Launch of the Goblin Cage at Clash Royale earlier this month, Supercell Games has Started to tease the Upcoming new card.

The new card is going to be a Legendary character, but that is about all we know. Supercell did launch a teaser picture with a rope and anchor.

The new card has been teased across all Clash Royale’s social websites including its official site . The articles contained a photograph of a hook, stating that the mythical card will bring a new and exceptional mechanic to the match.

It seems this is highly likely courtesy of an official Reddit article from the Clash Royale team back in February where they stated they were working on a”new troop” using a”pulling/hook mechanic” It now seems likely that they were speaking to the card being teased.

Besides this new legendary card, many different things will be coming from the upgrade too. A Reddit article on June 14 from the Clash Royale team revealed what we can expect in this new upgrade. Besides this new card, a new stadium can be coming along with a few modifications to the crown chests. Additional information about these changes weren’t revealed and we’ll need to wait to learn more by Supercell.

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.” It appears probable that Clash Royale is bringing a year pass. Almost all other popular games have a season pass and it is going to not be a surprise if Clash Royale heads in that way also.

A launch for the upgrade isn’t available. Clash Royale did state that fans should keep their eyes open as more information about the upgrade will be published in the coming weeks.