PS4 sales update is great news for PS Plus and PSN free game fans

And that is massive news for both Sony and their various PlayStation companies.

The consoles themselves probably do not generate a enormous amount of earnings by themselves for Sony.

However, when you factor in the software sales, the electronic purchases on the PlayStation Store and the many subscriptions, like PS Plus, things begin to look much different.

Shouldering the production costs means that Sony can enlarge how many folks play games on their PlayStation platform.

So taking a cut of the earnings available to them, in addition to whatever opportunities present themselves.

A Senior Analyst at Niko Partners shared with the major news, confirming that the PS4 has broken a few important records.

“Sony has shipped 100 million PlayStation 4 as of June 30th 2019,” the analyst shows.

This makes PlayStation 4 the quickest house console to reach 100 million unit market in

Quicker than the PS2 and Wii that were just behind. PS4 was only 5 years and 7 months.”

Adding:”Total game electronic download share surpassed 50% for the first time last quarter.

“Quite simply, 53 percent of all games bought for PS4 in the second quarter of 2019 were electronic copies.

And this news is terrific for existing customers that are playing games on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Not only does this create the PS4 clear leader in the current market but it also provides Sony using a massive install base.

This will without doubt draw more games into its route, possibly offering new chances in the future.

Will higher-profile titles currently be offered as part of their ongoing PS Plus program monthly?

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The strength of this PSN doesn’t seem to be tailing off however, prior to the initiation of the PS5. But we will not know for sure until more information is shared with Sony on the condition of the PlayStation Network.

And this is only the first bit of exciting news being shared this week concerning the PS4.

This may include two PS4 games which will be available to download as a part of your membership.

These names will remain a part of your electronic game library for as long as you have an active subscription with PlayStation.

However, the moment you decide to finish this, these games will get locked until you reactivate your account.

The fantastic thing is that you don’t lose your progress, which means that you buy the game and continue your experience if that is what you choose.

For today, PS Plus players can download and play with Detroit: Become Individual and Horizon Chase Turbo on PS4.

These can be replaced next week, August 6, with fresh PS Plus free games for PlaySt