Fortnite Cube Memorial Locations Guide: Where To Visit A Cube Memorial In Desert Or Near A Lake (Season 10)

A brand new pair of Season X challenges has become reside at Fortnite: Battle Royale. This week’s batch of jobs is known as Worlds Collide, a reference to Season 5 tagline, and lots of the battles revolve round components from this season, like the infamous purple block known affectionately by the neighborhood since Kevin. The block has returned kind of–in among the week’s actions, which requests one to see a block memorial from the desert or by means of a lake.

Where Are The Cube Memorial Locations?

The first could be seen on a plateau to the southwest of Paradise Palms, in which it initially prevailed, while the next is situated near Loot Lake, which the block infamously plunged to and transformed in the end of Season 5. We have discounted equally block memorial places on the map below.

How To Complete The Challenge

As soon as you understand where the block memorials are , you just have to see among these so as to finish the challenge, so select your favorite place and slide there in the start of a match to the fastest results. But if you are expecting to clean the Prestige edition of the challenge, you ought to see the two memorials inside one game. Your very best choice for this would be to begin at the desert; if you are lucky, an ATK will encounter nearby, enabling you to create your path to another memorial quickly.

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You may see us complete the typical variant of the challenge in the movie above. You might also find other guides and tips for this year’s trickier assignments in our Fortnite Season X challenges roundup. We are going to continue to update that list as the year advances, so make sure you check back to our newest Fortnite coverage.